Children project for help orphanages . Boys and girls of being abandoned, abused or neglected by their parents or/and families, or families that are to poor to care for them. We respond of God’s call to care for the poor, help children and families in poverty from all backgrounds regardless of belief. Domestic violence – Types of abuse are active – physical, emotional, sexual and passive- physical and emotional abandonment from parents, family member , relationships. An abused child could become an adult abusive and violent , which reproduces the physical or psychological violence towards their partners or in your own children. With our partners together our mission is to raise awareness , save , restore and impact their lives. Left no one behind. 

God is Love 

Faith campaign, bringing hope , light in people lives spreading the word of God , showing Christ’s love by example and guide them to have personal relationship with their heavenly Father, supporting missionaries with big causes. We are agents of change , ambassadors of Christ. 

Yes we Can 

TALF supplies to the community residential social care, councils , first line volunteers who fight lives with the corona virus emergency , offering PPE protective equipment, respirators, masks, eye protection, disposable fluid gowns, hand sanitisers and others. 

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